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Growplex is an agritech business, building a state-of-the-art GMP indoor growing facility with a dedicated laboratory for the development of unique cannabis strains, using advanced breeding technology and creating value for patients in the medicinal cannabis and pharmaceutical industries.


Investing in proprietary systems and cutting-edge technology Growplex will drive efficacy in manufacturing automation and advanced cultivation in a controlled environment enabling quality and consistent yields. Growplex will be using pharmaceutical grade facilities developing and enhancing advanced extraction techniques, which in the future will enable scalable production of premium quality cannabis oil and cannabis distillation.


Growplex will be utilising blockchain technology in the complete supply chain from seed to sale. We will identify and secure appropriate distribution channels, lab testing, and the total supply chain life cycle through our approved vendors and strategic partnerships.



Using sustainable principles for effective agritech, ensuring all energy costs are measured using machine learning with a constant focus to minimise environmental impact.


Building a state-of-the-art GMP indoor growing facility with pharmaceutical grade facilities and advanced extraction techniques.


Development of Growplex Technology Ltd ™ unique seed and genetic bank, investing in cryogenic storage and genetic sequencing.

Blockchain Technology

Providing greater security, transparency and visible infrastructure to patients for the complete supply chain life cycle seed to sale.